Stylish Sounds

Style Matters and Blacka Group Introduce Home Sound Systems

Style Matter and Blacka Group Introduce Home Sound Systems to the Domestic Market.

Imagine having a Blacka-powered sound system and home cinema in your own living room.

We’ve teamed up with bespoke furniture company Style Matters to make it easier than ever.

Set in the heart of Pickmere, Cheshire, Style Matters’ showroom is the go-to place for hotels, restaurants, bars and gastro-pubs to get kitted out in a range of chic furniture.

And for those who’d love a touch of style in their own living room, the company also offers a stunning range for the home.

To compliment both ranges, Style matters turned to Blacka Installations, giving us the opportunity to show exactly what we’re capable of in their own showroom.

In terms of both quality and design, home audio and video installations have come a long way since the ungainly hi-fi systems, or box-like televisions of old and our installation at the show room reveals exactly what is possible with a little imagination and know-how.

Our hand-built bass cabinets sound unbelievable – but they’re not the kind of kit that everyone would like to see sitting next to the grandfather clock. We prove it’s possible to get great sound without compromising on aesthetics by hiding ours in an antique-style trunk, where its completely unnoticeable (until it’s turned on, that is!)

We’ve also shown off what it’s possible to create combining sound and vision, with a home cinema that makes a traditional setup seem more like an iPhone.

As with all of our installations, they have to be seen – and heard – to be believed. To find out more, visit the Style Matters website, or take a trip down to the showroom.

Address: Pickmere Ln, Pickmere, Knutsford WA16 0JJ United Kingdom