LED Dancefloor and Ambient Lighting Installation Services for Restaurants, Bars, Live Music Venues and Nightclubs.

By illuminating once hidden highlights and features, a well designed lighting installation can not only provide the illusion of a complete re-design, but can also ignite a wide array of atmospheric emotions from visitors to your bars, night clubs or restaurant.

Whether it be intelligent moving lights for discos, dance-floors and live music events, multi coloured LED strips to bring bland interior walls and fixtures to life, or high beam outdoor spots to enhance the architectural features of a historic building. The Blacka lighting installation team offer an unparalleled range of products to enhance the customer experience in any restaurant, bar, nightclub or live music venue. We provide services in greater Manchester and throughout the UK


Nightclub lighting has moved a long way since the strobe and revolving disco ball were the main features of dance-floors. Our nightclub installations are now based on intelligent LED lighting fixtures, which feature an array movement, luminosity and colour, that can be run automatically or controlled through a central control desk.

Stage Lighting

Intelligent stage lighting from Blacka installations will keep your venue flexible enough to put on everything from rock concerts to drama productions without ever having to install new hardware. We take care of everything needed to light up your live act with spotlights, cans and concert lighting, whilst arming your lighting technician with real-time control of every last fixture.

LED Ambient

LED lighting provides a new dimension of coloured illumination that is quick and easy to install as well as being cost effective to run and maintain.

LED lighting can be utilised for a wide variety of applications, from colour washing individuals walls, lighting up architectural features to creating a warm atmospheric glow for large halls and banqueting suites.

Architectural lIGHTING

Lighting up the outside of a building can immediately bring seemingly tired and dull architecture back to life. From coloured beams focused on highlighting exterior features of a building, through to projecting logos and images onto walls to increase the venue’s visibility. Outdoor lighting can be a powerful tool to get your building, brand or service noticed.

Lighting Installations

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At the Blacka Group we have been installing permanent lighting systems for over 20 years and have specifically chosen to focus in areas where our knowledge and expertise can be best served to our clients. We specialise in 4 key areas:

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