Runway Pilates Studio

Blacka Group: Gymnasium Background Music and Vocal Reproduction Sound System for Runway Pilates Studio Altrincham

Welcome to Runway Pilates. The home of Reformer Pilates – a unique piece of equipment combined with unique exercises that are low impact, good for EVERY BODY and ALL AGES & ABILITIES. 45 minutes is all you need to work those big & small muscles out and to start feeling the benefits.

Get the heart rate elevated and those muscles working and burning. It’s like WD40 for your joints and a workout your muscles. It is fantastic for increasing strength, tone, balance, flexibility, mobility leaving you with a body that feels great, looks great and is great.

We highly recommend attending one of our Intro Classes for your first class. In this class we will teach you how to use the Reformer and introduce you to the Basic Principles of Pilates that you will hear us using in all of our classes.

Blacka Group installed a Background Music and Vocal Reproduction PA System into Runway Pilates Studio Altrincham. Blacka Group also provides 365/7 year-round maintenance and support.

Address: 16 Goose Green Altrincham WA14 1DW United Kingdom