Alchemist Bar And Restaurant

Blacka Group: Bar Restaurant Sound System Installation for Alchemist Greek Street Leeds

Discover a cocktail bar and restaurant unlike any other! There’s something about Leeds that calls out to us as a natural location for The Alchemist. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the home of the royal armouries and we like the sound of clashing metal?

Whatever it is, it led us to bring the Alchemist’s special blend of the darkly adventurous and unconventional to the very heart of it.

Inside our Greek Street venue lies a cocktail bar that’s a temple to our dark brand of molecular mixology and a restaurant that makes dining with us a touch more exciting.

Blacka Group installed a digital sound system into Alchemist Bar And Restaurant Greek Street Leeds. Blacka Group also provides 365/7 year-round maintenance and support.

Address: Yorkshire House Greek Street Leeds LS1 5SH United Kingdom